Custom Automation Solutions

TechBrew specializes in robotic and vision systems for industrial applications. We’ll help you automate the dirty, dull, and dangerous jobs within your facility. Our team of engineers will design a custom solution and we’ll ensure a strong return on investment. Want to talk about your next project? Give us a call today.

Our Process

Four team members in a planning meeting

We take time to learn your requirements and goals,
conduct an automation assessment, and perform an ROI analysis.

TechBrew engineer working on Solidworks model for medical device automation

We perform simulations and model your plant in 3D.
We use 3D printing and AR to get your feedback early and often.

TechBrew service engineer onsite working on robot

Dependable, user friendly systems.
24/7 support and onsite training.
Exceptional quality through rigorous testing.

Unique manufacturers require unique solutions.

We’ll help you automate efficiently and profitably. Give us a call

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The first step is to perform an automation assessment.

We’ll review your production process, layout, and workflows. A timing study finds the bottlenecks. A cost analysis determines the most profitable areas to automate. Give us a call